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Christopher Ayres –
From England, Chris is currently an ESL teacher living in Ulsan. After arriving in Korea in 2010, he lived and studied in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do. He got into the K-League after going to his first Jeonbuk match, ever since then he has been all over Korea following Jeonbuk on their travels. As Chris’ interest in the K-League grew, he was frustrated with the lack of coverage the sport received on national television. As a result, he teamed up with friend and fellow enthusiast Lex Nande to created this blog to provide K-League news and coverage to English speakers.

Lex Nande – Coming from America, Alex entered Korea for the first time in 2008. Currently a WonKwang university student and free lance teacher in the evenings, Alex is a Jeonbuk supporter. His goal in the K-league is to visit every stadium for an away Jeonbuk match, and has knocked off half of the stadiums in two seasons. When he isn’t studying, teaching, writing or drinking, he enjoys spending time with his lovely girlfriend of 3 years.

Terry Clark – With a M.S. in TESOL, Terry is on his 7th year residing in Korea and now lectures at Korea University. He recently welcomed his newest daughter, Catelyn, to his family of four, including wife Jen and Bailey (4). Terry resides in Seoul.

Ben Armstrong – After a degree at Nottingham Trent, Ben lives in Daegu teaching at YBM. He has been involved with soccer his whole life, including his lastest stint of managing Sydney Street. Ben covers Daegu FC.

Darrell Slater – Darrell is the English Journalist at Gwangju FC and graciously contributes his articles for the use of K-Talk.

Tom Harman – Tom hails from Birmingham, UK and is an avid soccer fan. He turned his eyes to the K-League after landing a job in Dajeon, and writes his own blog as a year long citizens follower.

You can reach us at:


11 responses to “Contact us

  1. Thank you for making this blog. I’m a fan of K league. Not korean, but foreign, made this page. so I really appriciate you!. hopefully We can meet on Changwon. if you come to changwon, plz contact me! haha

    • 고마워 추~니! 다음달 부터 우리 새 부분을 만들게요! K-Talk Classroom! 그곳에서 축구 영어 단어와 관용법을 배울 수 있고 우리 브러그에서 너무 어려운 영어 있으면 email으로 물어보고 우리 대답으로 설명 할거예요.

      게속 읷어주세요!!^^

  2. Great job! There is also another K-League blog called “Outside View Podcast” ( Maybe you guys can be partners? Also can you do interviews on foreign K-League players like Derek Asamoah, Luke DeVere, Matt McKay, Matt Simon, Wilmar Jordan, etc.?


    • Won-Jin,

      Thanks for the comment. I am not sure if Chris emailed you back or not.

      We found out about The Outside View after we started our project. We talk with the OSV guys on the ROK Forums, and really enjoy reading the previews. Wish the pocast were still around.

      We are currently looking for contriubutors in other cites to expand our coverage. We want to start to get interviews with the players, but foreign and Korean, but haven’t moved onto to that just yet. We have people who speak English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese, so we are hoping that no players will be left out.

      Email the blog address with your favorite foreign player, and I’ll see it as a personal challenge to get an interview ASAP! (but no promises^^)

      Thanks for following us!

  3. hi~ Lex Nande , 알렉스^^

    I have seen you on the Jeonju stadium for many time we have matches.

    If you dont mine i want to have a conversation about our project for jeonbuk FC.

    sorry i can write English well so cant freely speak about our project

    if you have interested and know this project , sent me your e-mail address by my e-mail below.

  4. Hello from the Tavern of the Taeguk Warriors blog! Just want to get bounce this idea – ESPN FC (formerly ESPN Soccernet) does not feature the K League in their weekly schedules. That’s a travesty in my opinion, esp seeing how they got the J League listed. So the idea to bounce off you guys is this: in cooperation with other blogs, getting some online activism started and with enough fan support – to get ESPN FC to finally start listing K League games on their site. Any appetite for this? In the meantime, ya’ll got such a legit site -thanks for your efforts and hope we can stay in touch.

  5. Hi Guys,

    I contribute to the website below, I’m sure you have seen it before. Anyway, if you haven’t we are looking for sources for the k-league as we are having trouble getting accurate formations for the 2012 season. Do you know of any sites in any language where we could access formations of each k-league game for 2012. Any input would be greatly appreciated. If you want to contribute then please register, any new users are always welcome.


    • Heya Graham!

      Unfortunately I don’t know of any sites that display the formations used for each game. The best I can do is direct you towards the K-League’s official website at where clicking on each match on the calendar will give you the stats of the matches and the line-ups used by each team. I will keep an eye out for formation info in the future and pass on anything that might help.

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